Author: WyndTek

  • Wind turbine inspection tech SpectX

    A grant of 1.74 million euros has been given to SpectX, Avular Robotics, and Eindhoven University of Technology for the creation of a ground-breaking technology for the examination of internal damage in offshore wind turbines

  • Cyclic soil monopile SSI tool

    WyndTek started an R&D project to develop an integrated cyclic SSI model. The model helps to capture soil behavior and its response to the cyclic loads including ratcheting, softening and gapping. The model also can be used for SHM by monitoring the change of the foundation behavior during its lifetime.

  • Open Application

    Looking for an internship or you believe WyndTek is a place where you can make a difference , the please send your cv to [email protected] 

  • KCI, WyndTek cooperation

    WyndTek signed a cooperation agreement with KCI the engineers to provide marine engineering services.

  • New Office

    WyndTek office move to Delftechpark 11 Delft. 

  • Ecovitas

    WyndTek joined the start-up company Ecovitas as main investor. The start-up aims to increase the efficiency of hydrogen battery by implementing smart distribution and billing algorithm. 

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