Computational Fluid Dynamic

Contemporary engineering requires better understating of the physics and more accurate estimate of loads to achieve an optimal design.CFD is an incredible tool to achieve these goals, but an experienced and trained engineer should use it.
WyndTek can provide CFD engineering services for different application. Our specialty is free surface models with use in offshore engineering.   

MARINE Application

WyndTek can provide CFD engineering for marine application, including slamming force calculation, green water, sloshing, internal liquid cargoes, anti-roll tanks, etc.
we are able to develop coupled mooring system in our CFD model. The method can be used to study the mooring system where the conventional models like diffraction method are not able to provide accurate results.
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wind tunnel

Computing drag coefficient, calculating wind force on offshore platforms, studying dissipation of toxic gas from the exhaust system are a few examples of using numerical wind tunnel. The new technologies in high-performance computing make it possible to study advance turbulent models in a relatively big domain in a reasonable time.
WyndTek has experience in modeling and verification of numerical wind tunnel for offshore application. We use both commercial and opensource codes and utilize the latest HPC technologies to deliver accurate results in the shortest times

Wave basin

Considering the expense of physical models and limitation of institutes who are capable of offering these services, using numerical wave basin becomes popular for engineering practices. WyndTek provides CFD models to study wave load on marine structures. Also, we can model scouring and current interaction with offshore structures using our models. The main applications of these models are to study scouring around offshore wind foundation and integrity check of spudcans in a jack-up systems     

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