LOAD engineering

The interaction between the loads acting on a wind turbine, dynamic of the system, control system of the wind turbine, and different mode of operations makes the load’s calculation of offshore wind turbine a complicated task.
WyndTek team offers load engineering services for different types of offshore wind foundations. Our experience and persistent collaboration with academia about the latest achievement in this field of engineering makes us trustworthy to be a part of your offshore wind project.


Sometimes using an integrated model of offshore wind turbine and the foundation is not a feasible option for load calculation. The limitation of computational resources and the separation of the scope of work between turbine manufacturers and foundation designers are two common reasons for using decouple models instead of an integrated model. WyndTek offers both coupled and decoupled load engineering. We can automate the work process using our customized software based on the format requested by clients. 

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Floating Wind Turbine

WyndTek provides engineering services for floating turbine projects. Our services include mooring design, load engineering, structural design, installation engineering, FSI, and CFD calculation. WyndTek also developed a concept for a floating wind foundation in which the heave motion is suppressed using a novel design.

Aeroelastic Codes

There are different software package and codes for load analysis of offshore wind turbine. Each software package requires different set-up and automation and post-processing set-up. WyndTek team has experience with the following codes, and besides load engineering services can assist in your project by developing automation, post-processing tool, and integrated workflow.   

  • Bladed
  • FAST
  • Sima
  • Ashes
  • HAWC2
  • OrcaFlex 

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