Software Development

WyndTek’s software development team consists of experienced developers and engineers, with broad expertise in enterprise-level system architecture/infrastructure design and platform development and integration, full project life cycle, and financial/operational management. Visionary technology architects with diverse experience ranging from start-ups to enterprise corporations.
When it comes to delivering complex projects on time and budget, having an experienced team is critical. WyndTek has the advantage of being able to draw from some of the most skilled and talented engineers available in the field. We have experience with complex integration and automation projects. From requirements gathering to project delivery, Wyndtek ensures that all of the objectives are met. When it comes to ensuring a project’s success, Wyndtek is second to none.
We embrace a DevOps approach to the configuration and deployment aspects of software development. Our goal is to enable continuous delivery on every project we engage in; focusing on building, testing, and releasing software quickly and frequently. Using source control systems, automated functional and security testing, continuous integration over the controlled source and automated build and deployment remove the human error inherent in deploying a complex and highly integrated solution and helps to facilitate the ability to deliver regular releases.

software integration

We provide services and solutions covering the whole range of the integration process, from analysis of the IT landscape and project implementation to full maintenance and support of operational integration solutions. We have a proven track record in systems integration and delivered integration solutions that seamlessly connect disparate systems. our system allows our clients to maximize the return on investment on their information technology systems. We use leading commercial integration products and software from the Open Source and academic ecosphere to create solutions that provide reliable real-time integration. We provide support for you to automate the workflow and business processes thoroughly.

System Integration Services that seamlessly consolidate different technology products and applications, including legacy platforms, can significantly reduce IT complexity and maximize firms’ ROI. WyndTek offers end-to-end solutions in ERP, Analytics & Information Management (AIM), Middleware, and Infrastructure Management as part of its System Integration Services. We help our global clients achieve business agility and process efficiency by closely aligning Enterprise IT Solutions with business imperatives.

By using techniques like application integration and process management, we can bring together discrete systems to build competitive differentiators for our clients. Our approach brings interoperability between heterogeneous systems and platforms.

Some of the key services provided in this field are:

  • Life-cycle, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Architecture Modeling
  • Processes and Governance
  • Requirements Development
  • System Trades (capability, cost, schedule, risk)
  • Integrated Technical Baseline Development and Management
  • Interface Management


Most of the Wyndtek development technologies in use are basically based on:

C/C++ • Python • C# • VB • PHP • ASP.Net • JavaScript

We utilize relevant frameworks and libraries in different development environments and for different technologies in order to design and develop our solutions.


Platform development •SaaS •PaaS • Numerical analysis •Algorithmic solutions •Reinforcement learning •Deep learning •Control systems •Big data •Data Mining •API development •Web and mobile app development •User interaction and interface design

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