Marine Engineering

Minimizing risk factors and cost is the key to a successful project. These goals can achieve by understanding the operation, associated risks, and significant factors.
WyndTek offers a wide range of engineering study for marine operation. Using our knowledge in data science and programming, we are capable of finishing complex simulation and studies in the minimum time and the highest accuracy.


WyndTek provides motion analyses for different types of floaters, including ship-shape vessels, semi-submersible, etc. We can model complex systems like anti-roll tanks, air cushion, and sloped seabed effects. Using our in-house software, we can make long term prediction for design accelerations based on a fully probabilistic approach in the shortest time. 

Installation Engineering

We have experience in modeling and analysis of different types of marine operations. Having insight into both theory and practice helps us to give accurate advice to our clients about the involving risks and to reduce the cost of the process by refining the operational weather window.

Pipe-lay and cable-lay

We can perform dynamic and static analyses for both shallow and deep water. Our engineering services also include pull-in and AR operations studies.
WyndTek also provide engineering services for concept and detail design of articulated stingers. Our in-house software is capable of modeling a complex system in a few minutes and helps in selecting a configuration that fits best the operation parameters.

STability Calculation

Our services include stability calculation, ballast engineering, and weight control analysis.  

Mooring Analysis

Analysis of a mooring system can be a challenging task considering the complex loading and dynamic phenomena that dictate the response of the mooring system. Multi-directional low and high-frequency load, squall wind, the interaction between the vessel are the example of the complexities that required proper attention in a mooring analysis.
The WyndTek team has experience in designing and analysis of different mooring system, including  SPM, CBM, yoke, spread mooring, TLP, etc.

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