Structural engineering

WyndTek can assist in your project by providing structural engineering services. We have extensive experience in FEM calculation, support structure, seafastening and hull stress analysis.

WyndTek also provides services for Fluid-Structure Interaction, FSI, and elaborated fatigue calculation in both time domain and frequency domain.


We can model the complete vessel in the shortest time and performing stress analysis to check the integrity of vessels during voyage and operation. Using our in-house tools and software, we can incorporate ballast, cargo, and operational loads in our FEM model with few clicks and reduce the time of modeling from days to an hour. We have experience with transport vessel, jack-up backhoe dredgers.

Sea Fastening

The enormous size of cargos, complex operational sequence, and limit deck space are some the challenging factors for designing a practical sea fastening. WyndTek team has a unique approach in designing sea fastening. We involve our client and operational team in the design process from the very beginning of the project to ensure the safety, practicality our design. WyndTek team has an excellent track record in designing complicated sea fastening, especially for the renewable sector.

Support structure

WyndTek offers concept and detail engineering services for wind turbine offshore foundations. We have experience with different types of foundation including jacket, mono-pile, gravity base, and floating foundation.WyndTek can perform coupled and decoupled load analysis for the wind turbines which reduce the design time and helps us to optimize the foundation design in the shortest time.

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